Aviva Community Fund

Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club is based on the memorial playing field in Hethersett. We run club night sessions every Tuesday March-October for the local community.

Cycle speedway is a lesser known sport, we don’t have the level of recognition or publicity that other track cycling clubs can take advantage of. However, cycle speedway is a really enjoyable sport that most children seem to really enjoy and get into. We have recently had an influx on young people from the local community and we really were not prepared for it. This has lead to a shortage of small bikes, helmets and gloves which are suitable for young people.

Any money gained from the fund will be put towards new helmets, gloves and specialised bikes for younger children. It will also go towards improving our facilities, operating costs and also for bike maintenance to look after and repair any equipment we already have.

Predominately, we would spend the money on equipment for children 3-10 years old. Having such an influx of young people from the local community has really highlighted the gap that we have in our equipment supplies. Obviously we try to cater to them as best as we can but this means digging around the back of the shed for equipment that’s years old and not at it’s best.

I think people should vote for our project because Cycle Speedway is an unusual sport and not a sport that many people get to experience in their lifetime. It’s a very exciting sport and, most importantly, gets children out on their bikes even if they are just riding round in an oval! It’s a fantastic sport and really gives children a sense of being a part of a team and helps them with their social skills.

With some support from the fund, we can continue to provide a service to the local community and also get younger children out on the track on some decent bikes! We hope that by having some equipment behind us that it will encourage children to invite their friends continue to boost our membership base.


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