Club Constitution


The name of the Club shall be Hethersett Hawks Cycle-Speedway Club


The aims of the Club shall be to provide opportunities for local inhabitants of any age or gender to take part in cycle-speedway activities as required by demand.


Club membership shall be open to all inhabitants of the village of Hethersett, subject to maximum limits of a practical nature determined by the Club Committee.

Requests for membership from outside the village of Hethersett can be considered on their merits by the Club Committee. Once granted membership such an applicant will be able to continue membership without further request except for disciplinary reasons.


Each member will be entitled to one vote at any General Meeting of the Club. For members aged Under-16 their vote may be passed to a parent with similar voting rights.

At meetings of the Club Committee each elected or co-opted Officer is entitled to one vote with the Chairman (or his deputy) having an additional casting vote in the event of a tie.


The following Officers shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

The posts may be combined as appropriate.

Other posts and Committee Members may be created by majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.

Team Managers, Team Captains and Vice-Captains shall be elected, as required, by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Persons may be co-opted on to the Club Committee by majority vote at a Club Committee Meeting.


The Club Committee shall consist of the elected Officers, elected Committee Members and any co-opted members.


The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting between January 1 and February 28 each year.

All members shall receive 14 days notice of the Annual General Meeting.

Other meetings shall be on an “as required” basis.

Club members (or parents if members are Under-16) may call a General Meeting subject to minimum of four such members notifying the Secretary.


The Chairman shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

Be a figure-head for the Club

Attend official functions as required

Chair meetings in line with the Constitution

The Vice-Chairman shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

Deputise for the Chairman as required

Support other Officers as appropriate

The Secretary shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

All correspondence with Cycling authorities and Leagues relating to racing

Arrangements for facility hire

Confirmation of fixtures and results

Liaising with other Club Committee members to ensure sufficient transport is arranged for away fixtures

Notification of team selections as advised by Team Managers

Arrangements for insurance

Co-ordination of press reports

Production and circulation of regular newsletters to members

Maintenance of Club records and statistics

Arrangements for awards

The Assistant Secretary shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

All non-racing correspondence not specified in the Secretary’s responsibilities

Production and circulation of minutes of meetings

The Treasurer shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

Maintenance of records of all receipts and payments

Honouring all invoices received

Preparing end-of-year accounts for review at the Annual General Meeting

The Team Managers shall carry out the following responsibilities:-

Select teams (after consultation with Captains and Vice-Captains) and advise the Secretary in sufficient time for the participants to be advised.

Liaise with opposing team managers, promoting officials and referees on match-days.

Confirmation of match and participant scores on the day and providing an accurate record to the Secretary.

Collect fees as appropriate, maintain records and pass moneys and records to the Club Treasurer on a regular basis.


All funds relating to the Club shall be maintained by the Club Secretary or Treasurer and Bank accounts opened as appropriate.

Bank mandates shall be maintained to allow cheques and payments to be signed by the Treasurer and any one of the other Club Officers.

All monies collected by Club Officials or Team Managers must be passed to the Secretary or Treasurer with details within 14 days of collection.

The Secretary must pass all accounts and moneys through the Treasurer at least monthly.

No individual person may spend over £50 on a single item without the permission of the Club Committee or, in an emergency, the permission of the Club Officers.

In the event of the Club being wound-up the Officers shall ensure that, after payment of all debts of the Club, any surplus assets are transferred only to another Club, a Competition, a League / Association or the Cycle Speedway Commission, the exact disposal to be agreed at a General Meeting of the Club.


Club members, officials and parents / supporters must conduct themselves at all times both on and off the track in a manner which does not bring the Club into disrepute. Anyone failing to do so may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or exclusion, by the Club Committee.

Amendments to Constitution

Any amendments to this Constitution shall require the consent of two-thirds of the members at a General Meeting.