Hawks March update…

Bad weather has seriously disrupted both track preparation and outdoor fitness training.  It also led to the postponement of the first League fixtures against Norwich Stars on 18th March with the track covered in snow.

Indoor “boot camp” sessions have been running for six weeks now at the Hethersett Social Club on Wednesday evenings and a regular handful of participants struggling to move the next morning.  These will continue into April.

The first Club Night heralded the arrival of “British Summer Time” on March 27th and despite a damp day conditions were not bad on the evening and the track was very fast and grippy.  15 took part with concentration on graded races followed by Rider of the Night Handicap (won by Shaun Kell) and 24-lap Elimination Race (won by Josie Kell with a bit of assistance).  We welcomed newcomers Charlie Lyth and Lewis Smith.