Hethersett v Kesgrave League matches

On Sunday Kesgrave visited the Memorial Playing Field for three South East League matches.  The Division 2 match against Kesgrave B was action-packed and highly entertaining. Kesgrave used Leon Mower as a restricted rider so the Hawks gained 15 penalty points but the Suffolk side also featured winter signing former British Champion Zak Payne who, because he has not  competed in the region before, was not penalised.

The Hawks set about trying to keep in overall contention despite some unforced errors, notably a double collision in heat 2.  There were heat wins for Dave Martin, Harley Hamill and Mason Martin, the latter riding with injuries sustained on the Saturday. With two heats left Kesgrave held a match lead of 11 so were still making up the penalty points but that changed in heat 15 with a visiting 7-3 putting overall scores level.  Of course the Hawks faced Payne and Mower in the nominated riders race so a tough call and when Hamill suffered cramp in both calves on the starting grid the chance of victory had gone,  Still an encouraging  performance knowing that mistakes cost them in the end.


(Mason Martin 16+1 Harley Hamill 15+1 Paul Delaiche 12+2 Dave Martin 10+2 Rory Freeman 8+1 Aiesha Musa 8+1 Matthew Sidell 1)

The two Youth League matches were one-sided affairs with the Hawks defeating the very young Pumas side 107-53 with Aiesha Musa, Lola Martin, Matthew Sidell, Luca El-Labany and Amelia Dodson all unbeaten and some improved rides from Hugo Kemp and Austin Brailey.  There were some tiring Hawks by the time Kesgrave Panthers took to the track and they were given a lesson in fast starts by the reigning champions. Aiesha Musa was the sole race winner in heat 5 but Amelia Dodson really impressed despite a heavy fall.


(Lola Martin 20 Hugo Kemp 16+1 Matthew Sidell 14+2 Luca El-Labany 13+3 Aiesha Musa 12+4 Austin Brailey 12+1 Amelia Dodson 11+1 Will Clarke 9+1)


(Lola Martin 9+1 Aiesha Musa 9 Frank Spauls 8 Hugo Kemp 6 Amelia Dodson 6 Austin Brailey 5 Oscar Copeland 4 Will Clarke 2)

Referees – Paul Jarrett & Leon Mower

Over the Easter weekend Glyn Morgan started his defence of his Eurovets Series Over-60s title by finishing runner-up in Round 1 at Birmingham. He also won the B Final in the Over-50s. The next round is at East London on April 29th the day before the first Norfolk GO-RIDE and Grand Prix at Harford Park.  This coming weekend the top Hawks girls may be in action at Wednesfield in the first Women’s Battle of Britain and Grand Prix.