2023 Hawks Club Championships

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES have had busy weekends concluding several competitions and picking up trophies on the way.

A lot further from home on the Saturday was Glyn Morgan who was contesting the final round of the Eurovets Series at Heckmindwike in Yorkshire.  He finished second in the A Final of the Over-60s which gave him the runners-up award for the series.  He also finished second in the B Final for the Over-50s, finishing fifth overall in the competition.

Glyn was back at Hethersett the following day successfully defending his Veterans title in the Hawks Club Championships.  Twenty-one members took part over eight categories and there was a hat-trick of wins for Mason Martin – Under-16, Under-19 and Senior.  Nyla El-Labany  and Aiesha Musa retained their Under-8 and Ladies titles respectively and the other winners were Oscar Copeland (Uder-10s) and the most impressive rider on the day – Hugo Kemp in the Under-13s.

Special mentions are worthy for Amelia Dodson and Lola Martin, who each raced in four categories, 5-year-old Olly Wright, who had his first competition, and Austin Brailey – back on a bike after a bad crash in training six weeks previously. Also the Club are indebted to Paddy Wenn for coming over to referee the events.

Full scores –

Under-8 – Nyla El-Labany 20 Henry Everson 18 Jax Lockhart 16 Josh Morris 14 Elsie Booth 12 Olly Wright 10

Under-10 – Oscar Copeland 16 Arlo Davies 14 Nyla El-Labany 12 Micael Whitfield 10 Henry Everson 8 Elsie Booth 6 Josh Morris 4

Under-13 – Hugo Kemp 16 Lola Martin 12 Luca El-Labany 11 Austin Brailey 7 Lewis Booth 3

Under-16 – Mason Martin 20 Aiesha Musa 18 Lola Martin 16 Amelia Dodson 14 Lewis Booth 12 George Morris 4

Under-19 – Mason Martin 24 Lola Martin 18 Amelia Dodson 12

Ladies – Aiesha Musa 11 Lola Martin 10 Amelia Dodson 6

Senior – Mason Martin 16 Dave Martin 12 Jamie Neill 8 Amelia Dodson 4

Veterans – Glyn Morgan 11 Dave Martin 10 Jamie Neill 6

This Saturday Hawks riders will be at Eaton Park to contest eight Norfolk Championships starting at 1 p.m. and on Sunday the Hawks are staging the annual Charity Cup at 3 p.m. preceded by the Club’s Under-13 Charity Shield at 1 p.m.  Both events are sponsored by Breckland Autos.  There are still places available in the Charity Cup if any riders want to get in touch.

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