European Championships in Poland 2018

HETHERSETT HAWKS / MYHILL DECORATORS’ representatives in the European Championships in Poland had mixed fortunes but certainly put Hethersett on the map in Czestochowa, Poczesna and Bagely.  In the Open Individual Championship Harley Hamill gave the best performance finishing 11th in his Elimination Round with 10 points.  This put him through to the Repechage stage but  competition was tough there and he failed to qualify with six points.

Elimination Rounds were as far as the other three Hawks got – Leigh Cossey suffered a shoulder injury in his third ride fall and had to withdraw on six points, a score equalled by junior Owen Wells who will benefit from the Open racing experience.  Dan Butler suffered an exclusion in his opening ride and failed to make any impression in his other four rides.

It was in the Junior Individual Championship where the Hethersett party had most to cheer.  Wells finished 9th with 12 points in his Elimination Round but then in the Repechage excelled himself finishing 5th with 16 points to qualify for the Semi-Finals.  A steady start of five points from his opening two rides was followed by a difficult outside starting position from which he added just one point.  He rallied in his last two rides to finish with 11 points just short of the qualifying mark for the Final.

Cossey had recovered sufficiently to join Hamill in the Ireland team for the European Nations Cup. Both scored six points as the Irish took the wooden spoon behind Poland, England and Wales.  There was a surprise opportunity for Wells as he was drafted in to make up a Wales Select team in the Junior Nations Cup.  He scored 11 in the team that finished third behind Poland and England.




Elimination Rounds – Czestochowa

A – Owen Wells    6 (15th)

B – Leigh Cossey     6 (16th) -retired injured shoulder; Harley Hamill 10 (11th)

D – Dan Butler    4 (16th) – including tapes exclusion)



Repechages – Poczesna

III – Harley Hamill  6  (16th)




Elimination Rounds –  Poczersna

C – Owen Wells    12 (9th)


Repechages – Bargely

I – Owen Wells    16 (5th)


Semi–Finals – Poczensa

2 – Owen Wells    11    (11th)



28/7 – Czestochowa

POLAND 93 ENGLAND 67 WALES SELECT 45 (Owen Wells 11+1)



28/7 – Czestochowa

POLAND 68 ENGLAND 56 WALES 46 IRELAND 27 (Harley Hamill 6 Leigh Cossey 6)

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