Gt Blakenham v Hethersett league matches

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES had much brighter weather on Sunday as they travelled to Great Blakenham for League matches.  For the Division 2 match the Hawks had only one senior rider available plus two veterans, one of whom James Neill was having his first team outing for 36 years, and six Under-16s.  So it was quite daunting to arrive to find Great Blakenham fielding some top veterans of their own including one major surprise – former Hethersett double British Champion Phil Howells.

Paul Delaiche and Mason Martin led the side well winning four races between them but the biggest cheer came when young Lola Martin passed a tiring Howells in heat 4.


(Mason Martin 18+1 Paul Delaiche 17 James Neill 9+1 Rory Freeman 7 Amelia Dodson 4 Lola Martin 4 Aiesha Musa 2 Matthew Sidell 2 Hugo Kemp 2)

It was role reversal in the Youth League match as the young Hawks showed their experience of the last two seasons was beginning to pay off as they convincing defeated the home side., Aiesha Musa, Lola Martin, Luca El-Labany, Matthew Sidell and Frank Spauls were all unbeaten for the Hawks with Luca’s team riding with novice Hugo Kemp one of the highlights.


(Luca El-Labany 18+2 Lola Martin 16+4 Hugo Kemp 16 Matthew Sidell 14+2 Will Clarke 13+1 Aiesha Musa 12 Frank Spauls 10+2 Amelia Dodson 8+1)

After a break Easter weekend it is full on again the weekend after with the second South-East Grand Prix at Great Blakenham on the Saturday and home matches against Kesgrave on the Sunday.

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