Hawks host the British Youth & Junior League Round 2 – Pt2

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES had a busy weekend starting with the staging of the National Round 2 of the British Youth & Junior League and the Little League for Under-8s and Under-10s.  A total of 72 riders took part and there were top youngsters present from across the country.

Best home performances came from brother and sister Luca and Nyla El-Labany with Nyla finishing third in the Under-8s and Luca fourth in the Under-12s.  Other notable performances came from Austin Brailey – his best match to date – and ever-improving first-year rider Thomas Barnard.  Jax Lockhart also made his competitive debut.

Hethersett results –

U8s – Nyla El-Labany 3rd, Isaac Emms 9th, Henry Everson 11th, Jax Lockhart 12th, Josh Morris 13th

U10s – Oscar Copeland 5th, Thomas Barnard 6th, Arlo Davies 12th, Alfie Gunn 15th, Dakoya Ridge 16th.

U12s – Luca El-Labany 4th, Austin Brailey 8th, Frank Spauls 9th, Lola Martin 12thJamal Musa 16th, George Morris 18th

U16s – Mason Martin 6th

Girls – Aiesha Musa 5th, Amelia Dodson 6th.

The next round is at Leicester on August12th.

Videos are on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL507vKCHOwmEqE_eYwSkw40Ntq0fwfZD9

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