Norfolk Junior Championships 2019

This year the Norfolk Championships were staged at Eaton Park. 10 Junior Hawks entered, many for the first time and provided the spectators with a very entertaining afternoon of racing!

Charlie Lyth became Norfolk Underr-16 Champion when several Hawks, including many recent recruits, contested the Norfolk Junior Finals at Eaton Park. Charlie chose a bizarre way to win it though as the crowd were anticipating a classic race-off between Charlie and Scott Colby.  Charlie dived under Scott on the first lap and slipped off. Thinking his chance had gone he looked up to see Scott fall after shedding a chain so it was a quick jump back on and ride to victory!! 

He also pushed reigning champion Owen Wells all the way in the Under-19s with Owen having to make two good passes on his way to a maximum. Paul Delaiche was third in that age category.  Two Hethersett riders had to race-off for third place in the Under-8s – Tyler Slater defeating Luca El Labany.

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