Norfolk Under 13’s Championships 2020

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES crowned two more Norfolk Champions in the third set of matches staged at the Memorial Playing Field on Sunday.  This time it was the turn of Under-13s and Seniors and both matches were fiercely competitive.


The Under-13s had three outstanding riders – the Kell siblings Josie and Shaun from Norwich Stars and Hethersett’s Mason Martin, who only took up the sport in July. All three clashed in heat 3 and Mason held his ground on the first corner to speed home from Josie and Shaun.  Reigning champion Shaun got his revenge on Mason in heat 9 but was lucky to get a restart in heat 12 after falling while recovering from a poor start.

The next two heats were vital wins for Mason, firstly over Josie and then passing Connor  Jarrett, the Under-10 rider having made a determined effort to surprise his older opponent.  Those two wins put Mason in an unassailable position so he took the title from Shaun and Josie.  Best of the other Hethersett riders was William Clarke.

Scores – Mason Martin 23 Shaun Kell 22 Josie Kell 21 Connor Jarrett 17 William Clarke 14 Will Blackmore 14 Aiesha Musa 12 Matthew Sidell 9 Frederik Jackson 9 Jamal Musa 8

The Championships conclude this coming Sunday at Hethersett with the Under-16s (2 p.m.) and Veterans (4 p.m.)

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